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Summer Youth Theatre Workshop 2022

August 5 @ 7:00pm and August 6 @ 3:00pm


Our students have been hard at work to bring Munchkinland to the Coastal Bend! Join us as your favorites from the Wizard of Oz present a fun-filled romp down the Yellow Brick Road!

The Cast:

Jane Bradley                    Auntie Em/Dedicated Kid Wrangler
Royce Harrell                   Uncle Henry
Melvin Michaels               Bird/Cow/Munchkin (Lollipop Guild)/Oz citizen
Kat John                           Bee/Sheep/Munchkin (Lullaby League)/Poppy/Oz citizen
Elizabeth Michaels           Bee/Piggy/Munchkin (Lullaby League}/Poppy/Oz Citizen
Caroline Stephenson       Dorothy
Autumn Smith                  Tornado/House Window/Munchkin (Alderwoman)/Tin Man
Helaina Zaayer                  Tornado/House Window/Munchkin (Alderwoman)/Lion
Renn Hoffman                   Tornado/House Door/Munchkin (Coroner)/Oz citizen
Libby Michaels                  Narrator/Dedicated Kid Wrangler
Kali Merrill                         Glinda
Caylean Cruz-Metheny     Munchkin Mom/Poppy/Oz Citizen
Anthony Danna                 Munchkin (Mayor)/Scarecrow/Tech
Jena Barrera                      Munchkin (Lullaby League)/Poppy/Oz Citizen
Jade John                         Wicked Witch of the West/Oz Citizen
Beck Merrill                       Tech

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