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Divorce Sale

June 10-19, 2022

As a soon-to-be divorcee holds a garage sale, her neighbors gather to help. In the process, their own marriages get the comic once-over. Bernice’s suspicions about her spouse’s faithfulness are driving him batty; Ozzie and Kay seem to have the perfect union — but their friends have yet to learn the story behind it; and Wilma is convinced her late husband has come back as a plant. Throw in a tell-it-like-it-is medium and a raucous seance, and you have a hilarious and telling look at the flip-side of marital bliss.

Written by Linda Stockham

Directed by Debi Pimental


Bernice Rosenblum - Marjorie Tydlacka

Lena Hill - Melanie Brown

Willard - George V. Sherman, III

Kay Britman - Melodee Lamb

Troy Rosenblum - Steve Clabaugh

Choe - Tracie England

Ozzie Rourke - Reece Randall

Joyce - Challe Shilling

Wilma - Kelly Mihalco

Madam Szendrei - Ellie McEuen

Willow - Offstage (herself)




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